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Travel with Debbie D's First Blog Post

I have been considering starting a blog since 2008 and I'm finally doing it!

Originally I was thinking about a Lifestyle or Fashion blog but my life has changed and travel has become my main focus personally and professionally. I have always loved to travel and it has been a big part of my personal life for a long time. But in 2015, I became a Travel Agent so travel now encompasses my whole life. I love it!

Loving all things Disney and having traveled to Walt Disney World (too many times to count), Disneyland (several times) and cruised on the Disney Cruise Line (many times) with my family, specializing in Disney destinations was an easy decision.

Besides Disney I enjoy traveling to all sorts of different destinations. My husband and I travel very frequently to many US & European destinations.

During our travels I have experienced many different cultures, traveled by car, cruise ship, airplane and train, stayed in a variety of different types of accommodations, dined at many restaurants, packed for all types of weather, learned how to navigate travel in other countries, created lasting memories and more.

I'm very excited to share all the first-hand knowledge I have and hopefully inspire others to travel more!


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