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Tips To Stay Cool & Comfortable During Your Trip to Walt Disney World

The weather in Orlando can be hot & humid and if you aren't prepared it can impact your vacation.

I have visited Disney multiple times when the temperatures are over 90 degrees and it's humid. During these trips, I learned how to stay cool and comfortable, as much as possible.

Here are my tips in no particular order.

☀️Wear sunscreen and reapply throughout the day.

There is nothing worse than getting a sunburn and having to cover it up for days while still being out in the sun or having to avoid being in the pool because you are sunburned.

Make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen or place an Instacart or PrimeNow order when you arrive. It's very expensive to buy at the parks or resorts.

Bring a small tube with you to the parks so you can reapply it during the day.

😀Get to the park early, take an afternoon break at your resort and then go back in the evening.

Not only will you get to enjoy time at your resort, but you will avoid spending the hottest part of the day in the park.

All Disney resorts have a least one main feature pool. A water slide is located at the Moderate and Deluxe resorts and several resorts have a kid's water play area.

The Beach & Yacht Club has the best pool area on property, Stormalong Bay. If you want to spend a lot of time at the pool this is the resort for you.

An afternoon at the pool can be a great way to cool down and relax.

Another option is to take a nap in your nice and cool room. Turn the air conditioner down, take a nap and then take a quick shower before getting ready for an evening of fun at the parks.

🌴Find shade whenever possible.

Whenever you are walking somewhere look for shade. If you can walk through a store, under a canopy or tree, do it! When you are waiting for your group, a mobile order, a parade, etc. find somewhere shady. Utilize shade as much as possible, even for a short time.

Many places like the above picture are available to sit and take a break. Taking a 10-minute shade break will allow you to spend more time in the park.

💦Drink lots and lots of water.

All the quick-service locations offer complimentary cups of water, you can order water at table-service locations, and full water bottles and reusable water containers can be brought into the park.

Water bottles are expensive but can be delivered to your resort via Instacart and other delivery services.

Booking a concierge/club-level room is a huge benefit because water bottles are available in the lounge.

Always start each day with a full glass or water bottle as you prepare for your day. Then continue to drink water all day long.

I enjoy a Trenta Iced Tea (lots of ice) from Starbucks and ask for a cup of water on the side. It is so refreshing! I find a shady spot, drink my Ice Tea & water and people watch.

Staying hydrated will help keep you comfortable throughout the day.

🎪See an indoor show or attraction to get out of the heat and sun.

Here are my favorite places to cool down on a hot day that don't typically have long waits.

  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

  • Mickey's Philharmagic

  • Carousel of Progress

  • Living with the Land

  • Spaceship Earth

  • Na'vi River Journey

  • Impressions de France

  • It's Tough to be a Bug!

  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

  • Muppet Vision 3D

  • Vacation Fun - An Original Animated Short with Mickey & Minnie

Spending time in the A/C will do wonders for how you are feeling.

🧢🕶Wear a hat and sunglasses.

Block the sun with a hat and sunglasses, it can really make difference. Wear them in the parks and while at the pool.

If you aren't a hat wearer (I'm not but my husband is) you can always purchase a cute hat as a souvenir, if you decide you want to give one a try.

🍦Eat light meals and lots of ice cream!

What you eat will factor into how you feel when it's hot and humid. Disney offers so many great options like salads, fruit, charcuterie, dole whip, flatbread pizza, and yes ice cream. When deciding what to eat, look for lighter options that won't weigh you down.

It's ok to skip a meal and enjoy an ice cream sandwich, slushie, or sundae, you're on vacation.

👚Wear lightweight clothing.

Pack light-colored and lightweight clothing. Dri-fit tops and bottoms work really well in the heat and humidity. Plus they dry quickly if you get wet from a ride or a rain storm.

Dresses are great for women/girls and golf shirts for men. T-shirts and Jean shorts can be heavy and hot so it's best to avoid wearing them.

If you have a good comfortable pair of sandals, bring them to wear touring the parks. Keeping your feet open to the air keeps your entire body cooler.

Even during the hot times of the year, you can have a great time visiting Disney by using my tips to stay cool.

I'm a Travel Agent and Blogger that specializes in Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Universal, SeaWorld, Virgin Voyages, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. It is my passion to use my travel knowledge and love of travel in a way that inspires people to travel more.

If you are thinking about planning a trip please contact me. I love talking about Disney & Travel!!! My planning services are complimentary when you book with me!

Want a quote, email me at (my travel agent email).

Happy Travels!

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