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Things I Learned During Our Iceland Vacation

On the plane back to the US from Iceland, I had time to think about our trip and what I learned. Iceland will always have a special place in my heart!

I hope you find my list informative and interesting.

I learned to slow down and enjoy the view.

I learned to dress for the weather and keep going.

I learned how to see the beauty even when it's rainy and cloudy.

I learned that the Icelandic people are warm and welcoming.

I learned that Apple Pay is the way to go in Iceland.

I learned that the street art is beautiful.

I learned that International travel is more complicated now but worth it.

I learned that Icelandic hot dogs are the best!

I learned that traveling is still my favorite thing to do.

I learned that you don’t need cash in Iceland.

I learned that Puffins are super cute and fly very fast.

I learned to let my hair do what it wants while in windy and drizzly conditions.

I learned that Iceland is amazing!!!

If Iceland isn’t on your bucket list - add it!


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