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The Top 8 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Travel Agents are becoming more and more valuable when booking vacations. It's possible to book a vacation online. However, there are many reasons to book with a Travel Agent.

Here are my top 8 reasons to book with a Travel Agent:

1) Complimentary Planning Services

Our planning services are complimentary when you book your vacation with a Travel Agent that doesn't charge fees. That's added fees. Some Travel Agents charge a fee for complicated itineraries. Why not use a Travel Professional when spending thousands of dollars??? We save you time and money by doing all the research and planning for you.

2) Trained Professional

Travel Agents go through extensive training and need to update training each year. Each vendor/supplier has specific in-depth training that helps us provide the most accurate information. Also, we have access to Travel Agent information websites that we can research each destination/vendor.

3)Support Small Business

A Travel Agent is an independent contractor and only gets paid a small commission after their client returns from their vacation. We do not work for Disney, Universal, Royal Caribbean, etc., and we greatly appreciate our clients supporting our small business.


Even if you book with a Travel Agent you can still do a lot of the planning yourself. We work together to find the perfect working relationship. You can be as active in the planning as you want. We are there when you need us.

5) Experience

It's so important to get information from someone experienced in your destination. We travel a lot to provide our clients first-hand knowledge of the destinations we sell. Also, we use our travel experience and knowledge of each destination's booking process to save you time and stress. This gives you peace of mind that your trip will be successful.

6) Concierge Services

We customize your vacation to meet your needs and provide personalized services. Not everyone travels the same, likes the same type of resort, has the same budget, etc. Our job is to plan the perfect trip for you and your travel group. Clients receive one on one interaction with one Travel Agent that knows all about their vacation.

7) Travel Is Complicated

Over the years and especially in the last year, travel has become more complicated. Each state, country, resort, etc. have their own set of rules/requirements. Travel Agents share up-to-date travel policies to help their clients get prepared for their vacation.

8) Travel Insurance

Travel Agents explain the benefits of travel insurance and the reasons to include it with your travel package. When booking yourself, this is something easy to push aside and decline. It's important to receive this advice from a Travel Professional who shares the quote and policy information.

A Travel Agent provides a lot of useful information, knowledge, and experience with their clients. We work hard customizing our client's itineraries to make their dream vacations come true.

Next time you are thinking about planning a trip, please reach out to a Travel Agent and see how we can help.

I'm a Travel Agent and Blogger that specializes in Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Universal, SeaWorld, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and properties I showcase on my blog. It is my passion to use my travel knowledge and love of travel in a way that inspires people to travel more. If you are thinking about planning a trip please contact me. I love talking about Disney & Travel!!! My planning services are complimentary when you book with me! Want a quote, email me at (my travel agent email). Happy Travels! Travel with Debbie D


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