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The BOATHOUSE at Disney Springs

Enjoy gorgeous waterfront views at one of Disney’s new restaurants conveniently located in The Landing area of Disney Springs. As you approach the entrance take some time to look at the décor. You will find a small red boat, the Amphicar Landing area and many other interesting boat related items. This area is a great spot for photos. To the right of the entrance is the unique gift shop, which is fun to wander through. Very nice souvenirs can be purchased here.

The BOATHOUSE has three bars: The Captain’s Raw Bar, The Admiral’s Club Bar and The Dock Bar. Live music greets you when you arrive. The dining rooms are upscale but still very family friendly. Kids meals come in cute little paper amphicars. If you love eating al fresco, ask for a table on the patio.

You will receive excellent service and fabulous food offerings when dining at this Gibsons Restaurant Group location. The menu features top notch offerings, which include chops, steaks, fresh seafood and a raw bar. If you have a Disney Dining Plan, two table service credits are required.

The views are incredible, so plan on relaxing and watching the activity on the water. Saratoga Springs is directly across the water and you can watch the amphicars driving by.

Once you see all the amphicars on the water, you will want join in on the fun. Guided tours are available and take you on a 20-minute ride around the Disney Springs area. Cars hold three adults or two adults with two children. The BOATHOUSE is the only place in the world where you have this opportunity.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want a fantastic meal, this is the restaurant to try!


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