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Sprinkles Cupcakes at Disney Springs

Named the “World’s First Cupcake Bakery” by the Food Network, Sprinkles is the place for cupcake lovers. The Disney Springs location is not the only location and you may have visited another. This is however, the first located at Walt Disney World.

Sprinkles is located in the new Town Center area, across the bridge from The Landing, making it easy to visit after having dining at one of the quick-service or table-service restaurants. We had dinner at The BOATHOUSE, did a little shopping, and then visited the cupcake ATM.

Cupcakes are not the only item on the menu. Other options include cookies, ice cream and sundaes. Cupcakes are offered in a variety of flavors from standard flavors to salty caramel and chocolate marshmallow. They do have gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free options. Another fun option is a frosting shot.

I was very excited when we planned our recent vacation and realized it would be open when we went. I really wanted to experience the famous “cupcake ATM” and it did not disappoint. The ATM is located just outside the entrance door and is easy to find. You walk up; view the menu on the ATM screen, pick your cupcake, pay, and it is delivered in the window. When the window opens a super fun song plays “I Love Sprinkles”. As you are enjoying your cupcake you will be singing the song, it’s that catchy!

The inside of the store is very bright and airy, offering a view of cast members frosting cupcakes. Outside is a great seating area, with views of The Landing. It’s a great place to relax.

TIP: Sign up for Sprinkles Perks and receive a FREE cupcake on your birthday. I was fortunate to be there on my birthday and used my coupon. It came in a cute bag and was the perfect treat.


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