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Big Cedar Lodge - Part Two: The Grounds

As soon as you drive under the Big Cedar Lodge entrance sign, beauty is everywhere. I did not expect an approximately 3-mile trip to include so many scenic views. Along the way, we stopped at the lookout area and enjoyed taking a few pictures.

After another few minutes, we arrived at the main area that includes registration, restaurants, and shopping. We were very impressed with the entire resort! Everything was perfectly trimmed, painted, and landscaped. My favorite part was the walking paths!

As soon as we finished checking in we walked down the main path and saw a deer. It came out from a group of bushes and was about 3 feet from me. As soon as it realized I was there, it turned around. We made sure to keep our distance and not disturb the deer. Nature is everywhere at Big Cedar Lodge.

During our four-night vacation, we spent as much time as the weather would allow (it was hot & humid) exploring the Big Cedar Lodge grounds. Every morning we took a walk around our area and discovered something interesting. Nightly walks to view the gorgeous sunsets were the perfect way to end the day.

A few times during our stay, we drove to the main area to explore different parts of the resort. Delicious treats were able from a walkup window at Truman Cafe & Custard. We enjoyed our ice cream on a picnic table with great views. We found a complimentary mini-golf and a children's playground a short distance from the registration building. A gorgeous chapel is beautifully placed on the grounds and would be an amazing venue for a wedding. We wandered the grounds and enjoyed taking a few pictures of the gorgeous landscaping and views.

Our only regard was not getting to experience all there is to offer at Big Cedar Lodge. Two things we will try next time are Fun Mountain (50,000 square foot entertainment center for all ages) and a pontoon boat rental from the marina.

We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation and can't wait to go back!

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