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The Stow-N-Go Organizer Is A Must Have Luggage Accessory

I discovered the Stow-N-Go luggage organizer while scrolling through travel accessories on Amazon (which has become a new pastime during COVID).

I have used it on several trips and have come to love it. I may even start leaving it out in my closet at home, with certain travel items in it.

The Stow-N-Go was about $30, and there are many available on Amazon. I selected black to match my luggage. It's made of nylon and is lightweight and easy to clean. The two attached hooks are convenient to use.

After using it on three trips, I'm ready to provide my thoughts.

The first thing I enjoy is the convenience of having it hanging in my closet before my trip. About 2-3 weeks before a trip (yes, I love packing and enjoy the process😍 ), I start accommodating items I need. In the past, I placed them in a fabric storage bin. Now the things go directly into the Stow-N-Go, which I have hanging in my closet. It makes it easy to see the items and simple to add more. As my trip gets closer, I do a trial run on the clothes I want to pack to see if everything fits. Once I've completed packing, all I have to do is place it in my luggage. Since I have used it several times I have a good understanding of how much I can fit into it.

Another reason I love it is how easy it is to unpack and stay organized once you arrive at your destination. It's as simple as open the luggage, place it in the closet, and unpacking is complete.

It a good idea to verify that your hotel or rental has a closet. On our trip to Kentucky, the house we rented (Fox Cottage) didn't have a closet. So, I wasn't able to use it during that trip.

In the past, I avoided putting my things in hotel/house drawers due to cleanliness issues. Now I don't have to worry about it.

Since the shelves are wide, viewing what's on them is not a problem. I can easily see my entire wardrobe in one glance, saving me time looking through drawers. I have plenty of space to store things and don't have to use the counters (except for bathroom items).

Staying organized has never been easier. Each shelf has a purpose. The bottom zipper compartment is perfect for dirty clothes or non-frequently used items. You can even use the top for more storage.

Depending on what I pack and how many nights we are at a destination, I sometimes place select clothing on hangers at our destination.

Packing to return home is always sad and time-consuming but the Stow-N-Go makes it less of a chore.

My Travelpro Maxlight 21 inch has one compartment and works well with this item. A two-compartment or smaller suitcase may be too small for the Stow-N-Go.

If you pack a lot of clothes or need a variety of clothing items (dressy, casual, and work-wear) this may not be the thing for you. I was able to pack everything (clothes, undergarments, pajamas, a hat, gloves, a scarf, socks, a robe, and a few washcloths), for a 4-day trip, overnight trip, and a week vacation, in the Stow N Go.

I don't feel the Stow-N-Go saves a great deal of space, but the fact that it makes unpacking so easy makes it worth it. Also, the fact that it's much easier to stay organized.

Do you have a Stow-N-Go? What do you love about it?

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