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SKORTS: The perfect travel and leisure alternative to shorts

I'm always looking for great, comfortable clothes for travel and leisure. I love wrinkle-free items that don't take up a lot of space in my luggage.

At the beginning of summer, I wanted to add a few new items to my wardrobe. I needed something I could wear around the house, on daily walks, running errands, and while traveling. These items needed to be comfortable, wash & wear, and affordable.

My first thought was a few new pairs of shorts. But I have been wearing shorts less and less each year. I don't feel as put together when my outfit includes shorts. I want to feel a little more dressed up but still comfortable when going to a restaurant or running errands. So I started researching options on Pinterest and Amazon.

Dresses and skorts were the most popular alternative I could find. I do enjoy wearing a cute casual dress but wanted something a little more informal.

Amazon had several skort options and I placed an order. I eagerly waited for the delivery and instantly fell in love! Since my first order, I've added several more to my wardrobe.

There are many reasons I love my Amazon skorts:

  • The price point is great...under $30 per pair.

  • Quick shipping and easy returns...because Amazon makes everything quick and easy

  • They wash and dry quickly (great for traveling).

  • Different jewelry and shirts create multiple looks (dressy or casual)

  • The wrinkle-free fabric allows all-day wear.

  • Lightweight fabric makes packing easy.

  • Super comfortable to wear doing my daily routine (walks, errands, traveling and coffee, etc.).

  • Paired with white tennis shoes or sandals for a different look.

As fall is approaching, I can add a long sleeve top, sweater, or jean jacket. I will be wearing these as long as possible until my leggings become a better choice.

Skorts are the perfect alternative to shorts for spring, summer, and fall. They are exactly what I was looking for and feel polished, comfortable, and ready for the day.

Check out my amazing skorts on Amazon here.


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